Smrt Health bar - Cocoa Orange

Smrt Health bar - Cocoa Orange

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"The BEST, TASTIEST, MOST DELICIOUS healthy gluten free bar I have ever tasted! I can’t stop eating them. They are more like a kind of brownie than a health bar. "

With smRt bars, you get feel good snacks infused with seaweed for all the seaweed benefits and none of the taste. You won’t taste the sea, you’ll just taste a great bar.

smRt health bars contain the right amount of iodine to promote good thyroid function, a good metabolism, good cognitive and nervous system function, healthy skin, and normal growth in children.

smRt health bars are 100% organic, 100% sustainably sourced and free from all colourings, preservatives and additives. They’re hand made in Ireland in small batches.Available in three flavours Choc cocoa, orange choc and mint choc.

orange choc 100% Organic - cashews, dates, raisins, unsweetened cocoa, blend of Irish seaweeds, a hint orange

The range is ideal for vegans, vegetarians and professional and amateur athletes.

*Contains Nuts